Web Design Trends To Watch

web design trends to watch

Web design trends keep evolving constantly. Some trends fade with time, while others become benchmark. New web design must adjust to accommodate both form and function, however it can be challenging to keep up with the latest design trends.

With each new web design fad comes innovation. User experience (UX) is the central focus of the most recent design trends. The goal is to improve customer satisfaction and loyalty through better utility, ease of use, and the pleasure provided while using or interacting with the web application. Today, every web designer must focus to streamline and perfect that user experience.

Here are latest five web design trends to watch out.


Vision is the strongest human sense and good images can bring design to life. It is one of the fastest ways to grab a user’s attention. In fact, today designers often integrate HD images, making web content highly visible/ readable. Featuring lively imagery with a compelling call to action can increase conversions.

Material Design

Material design is a style language introduced by Google in 2014. Today, there are many outstanding web applications that use material design, mostly because of its simplified effects and ability that allows for a unified UX across all platforms. Material design provides more depth to flat design by combining light, shadow and gradients, while featuring responsive animations and grid-based layouts.

Wearable Technology

Designing for 2017? If yes, focus on wearable technology like Apple Watch and Android Wear. Fashion industry and UI design recently discovered they are tremendous partners, and now markets are ready to ripe benefits from their partnership. Time to be future ready!


The human eye is naturally drawn to movement. Motion and hover animation can bring attention to a focal point and provide user with instant help or feedback. This makes browsing experience simple and uninterrupted helping increase user engagement.

Color Palettes and Schemes

The “less is more” rule is certainly ruling web design trends. Therefore, web designers should focus on simplicity and employ a minimalist approach when integrating color. These day’s duotone color palettes are becoming popular since it creates a strong visual impact, which leads to better user engagement.

Web design has to evolve with technology and adapt to meet new emerging needs. Trends emerge and evolve quickly and it is hard to keep up with every trend. Therefore, the key thing to consider is to keep the audience, and UX in the front of your mind while designing your next web application.

What are the other web design trends you will like to add in this article? Let us know in the comments.

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