Why to use Infographics in Digital Marketing

Infographics in Digital Marketing

The digital world is getting clogged with information daily at a random high speed. The statistical data shows that approx. 2 million of creative content products in the form of articles, essays, reviews, stories, videos are uploaded every day. Approx. 500 million tweets per day are sent to Twitter, 5billion of videos are watched only on YouTube per day.

The above data simply shows that to deliver a message to your target audience a creative representation of information is a must. We are humans and have the ability to visualize things. We take in information through all our senses (touch, smell, see, hear, taste). But the vision is the most significant sense of all. Graphically represented information stays within our brains for a longer period. We are always attracted by and get engaged to the information/content combined with captivating images, texts, and videos. This form of content representation is called an infographic.

Infographics have come a long way since its first use in 1626 by Christoph Scheiner in his book “Rosa Ursina sive Sol”. The digital world has seen an incredible growth in the use of infographics as a novel solution to present information in a concise and appealing manner within the last 5 years. There are three parts of an infographic the visual, the content and the knowledge. The visual part is made of colors and graphics. The content part is made of the stats and facts about information or data. The most important part the knowledge is a resourceful insight into the data.

Here are five top reasons to use infographics in digital marketing.

#Reason 1: To get the attention of your target audience

We are visual creatures: 50% of the brain is dedicated to visual functions. Visual pictures are processed by brain all at once at a much higher speed than a text representation. 90% of visual information remains in the brain for a longer period. That is why we are attracted to an infographic than a plain lengthy text with the same content.

# Reason 2: To increase your brand awareness

“Infographic keeps people’s interest by lending a storytelling and visual element to what can be sterile research.” – Caitlin McCabe.

Research shows that visual information is more striking and memorable than textual information. Creating infographic is a foolproof way to carve your brand story in your target audience’s thought.

A well-structured infographic with your brand information helps you to penetrate into your niche industry, helps in getting recognition from audiences all over the world.

# Reason 3: Boost SEO

Ranking higher on search engines is very important for all the businesses to stay on the top reach of their online market audience. To score higher rankings there are a number of factors to work upon. And links from authority sites is one of them.  A beautiful, content-rich infographic can help you get links from the authority sites. Backlinks from authority sites certainly help in boosting your search engine positions.

# Reason 4: Increase your subscribers and followers

People come to the internet to access information on various topics, subjects and areas of their interests.

A social media page that use infographics to educate its audience with clear and concise information about its company, products, ethics, work culture etc. wins over the maximum hearts. Research shows the digital marketing campaign that utilizes graphical information gets a 12% increase in the number of followers and subscribers.

# Reason 5: Show your Expertise

Reading and understanding statistical data is much easier when it is demonstrated along with a resourceful insight. It requires you to compile and collect relevant data, write compelling text, and represent them in an effective visual display. Difficult topics can be made easy and fun to understand with infographics. Facts, figures, infographic, and insights showcased in an infographic contribute in demonstrating your expertise and authority in your niche.

Key takeaways

  • Infographics break up a complex subject making it easier to understand and remember.
  • Facts & figures establish authority and expertise.
  • Visuals help readers process the content more efficiently.
  • Infographics help in boosting search engine rankings of websites.
  • Infographics also enhance your brand awareness.

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Bhumika has worked in web development and search engine optimization. She is a digital marketing consultant helping digital startups and businesses to extend their market and boost sales.

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