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Google Analytics the most powerful tool available today that helps you track your web performance by determining the number of your web visitors and provide critical insights like demographics, time of day and behaviour on your website.

It also enables you to monitor and optimize the effectiveness of your digital campaigns by delivering several other useful insights.

In this post I am sharing the top 5 Google Analytics features, which you must use, in order to optimize your web performance.

#1 Goals and Goal Values

Goals are among the most critical features to set up in Google Analytics. Goals measure how well your website or application fulfills your predefine objectives. Goals are required for conversion reports, which include the conversion rate per goal, absolute number of conversions, and goal value (if applied).

Goal value is the assigned monetary value to a goal, which is required to calculate the economic value of that goal. It let’s you compare conversions and measure changes and improvements to your website or application.

Without goals and goal values it is very difficult to evaluate the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns and online business. Unfortunately majority of websites have insufficient or incorrect goal settings.

#2 In-Page Analytics

In-Page Analytics option delivers comprehensive information and intelligence pertaining to your site traffic. It offers in-depth data about the key values related to each page of your site. Using In-Page Analytics you can find out how visitors interact with your website and the pages which get their maximum attention.

In-Page Analytics also provides comprehensive insights about the vital site metrics including bounce rate, page views, average time spent on web page by visitors, conversion rates etc. Webmasters can use this critical information for improving overall user experience of their website.

#3 Tracking Outbound Links

It is always good to know where your website visitors are going when they exit your site. Tracking outbound links on websites can be critical for assessing the impact of your outbound links and keep track on the effectiveness of your referral links, especially in case of affiliate marketing.

By tracking the outbound links of website visitors, webmasters can optimise their site for conversion and brand messaging for strategically maximum effect.

#4 Segments and Multi-Channel Funnels

Another useful feature offered by Google Analytics is visitor segmentation. It helps you segregate and group your site visitors, according to distinct characteristics such as gender, age, location, affinity and other demographic features.

Segments enable you to isolate and analyse the subsets of data so you can inspect and respond to the trends in your business.

If you own an online store then you must use Multi-Channel Funnels feature. Multi-Channel Funnels helps you to get relevant data about how your customers reached the ecommerce website and this data when analysed properly can help you improve your online marketing strategy.

The information gained can also be used to fine-tune the resources from where the visitors are coming to your online store to purchase the products or services.

#5 Tracking the Site Speed

Loading speed is one of the most crucial aspects of a website. Most of the search engines give excessive emphasis to site speed for optimum user experience and the overall website rankings.

Google Analytics can help you effortlessly check your site’s speed through “Site Speed” metrics. You can pinpoint areas in your web pages that needs improvement, and then also track the extent of those improvements.

If you want to exploit most of Google Analytics and grow your online presence, you need to set up the above features. The other features, which need critical consideration, are Ecommerce tracking, Connect to AdWords, Site Search, Campaigns, safety net profiles and connect to Google Webmaster Tools among various features.

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Now grab a cup of coffee and unleash valuable insights you been missing with Google Analytics! Please share your views and comments below.

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