Tips for mobile-first designs

Mobile first design is a very familiar concept for digitally well-versed audiences. It’s been a decade the term first came into existence. Mobile first design is used to refer the website design and development strategies focused to provide great user experiences on mobile devices. It is different from the traditional web development approach where the designs are laid out for desktop first and later for mobiles. Today the digital world is fast shifting to mobile with a growth of 80% mobile users across the world. It has become a necessity for businesses to bring a mobile-friendly platform for their consumers. It helps in exchanging information; relish applications and services at a faster speed without changing the location at your thumbs impression.

The digital world is changing its orientation from desktop to mobile. To stay ahead of the business competitors and attract more customers; it is utmost necessary to offer unique, innovative, seamless and trouble-free mobile user experience to its users. The revolutionizing mobile user growth has increased the expectations of the end users. To fascinate and retain customers businesses should think and strategies their digital presence via mobiles.

A recent consumer behavior study details how mobile user market may grow in future.

  • 76% of mobile customers will return to a mobile-friendly site in the future
  • 69% are more likely to purchase a product or service via mobile sites
  • 45% of existing clients may be lost due to the bad mobile site experience

Mobile first design not only validates its users with faster access to information but also enhances the customer engagement with businesses. Here are some tips for mobile first design approach.

  1. Knowledge of Audience:

    To succeed in a business it is must to have knowledge of your target audience. A survey to know your customer’s needs, likes and their site interaction method can help you to identify the loops in your design approach. With the survey results, you can improve your mobile site usability and relevancy for its end users.

  2. Responsive design:

    There are a number of different models of smartphones available in the market. Your mobile website should be responsive enough to fit the screen size of any mobile, tablet etc.

  3. Accessibility:

    The mobile site should be easy to access to offer an undoubtedly best user experience. The design should be spontaneous enough to let its user know about the next steps. Focus on touchscreen user to minimize the use of traditional text-based data collection methods. Streamline and make your sign up and check out processes effortless.

  4. Speed:

    Speed is one of the most dominant factors that retains a user to your mobile site. 80% of users shut a site if it takes too long to load. The loading time of your mobile site directly impacts the overall user experience. The digital customers tend to spend more time and do business with the sites with a fast loading speed. Optimize your website to improve its loading speed.

  5. The erroneous factor:

    Remember the famous quote “To Err is Human”. As we all are human and mistakes do often happen naturally. People may unintentionally touch and tap device screens and loose data. Avoid positioning call actions like delete, undo etc. with the same regular business call action on the front or center.

  6. Key Content Position:

    Center your key content to facilitate the touch behavior of mobile devices. Allow the user to view and tap information at the very first sight of its display.



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