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Blending deep technology and mature delivery skills with IBM smart solutions that solve critical business issues of our clients.

Smart Solutions

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Together with IBM, we’ve a long, sustained record of collaborating to deliver rich and successful client relationships. By leveraging our partnership and understanding the value of combining IBM technologies with our services, we have demonstrated the significance of this relationship for more than 5 years.

We’ve access to IBM partner resources and expertise which further enhances our ability to conceptualize, design, architect and implement new innovative and expanded capabilities based on IBM technology while allowing our clients to transform and take their business to the next level.

We are committed to enable businesses address two things – to make current business operations as cost-effective and efficient as possible and to lead in innovation to unleash new business potential.

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The advantage

Our engineers are certified individuals across IBM technologies, which include industry solutions like Smarter Commerce, EMM, ECM, WebSphere, Maximo, Tivoli, Rational, BI and Analytics.

Our partnership with IBM differentiates us and offers unique benefits to our people and clients:

  • Dedicated engineers with deep IBM-technology skills and mature executive relations with IBM.
  • We drive innovation by developing cutting-edge smart solutions with an extensive library of IBM technology assets.
  • Dedicated IBM staff provides extensive sales and delivery support to WeCT marketing team. This ensures distinguished sales experience to our clients and safer delivery of complex solutions.
  • WeCT have an early access to IBM products, R&D, and engineering roadmaps – so you are never outdated.
  • A significant technology enablement and various training programs across the IBM product portfolio ensuring we can guide our clients in making the right choices for quality delivery of sustainable and smart solutions.

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Business value

  • Application-aware, integrated and unified solutions based on IBM Technology.
  • Seamlessly integrate all existing enterprise IT components, such as ERP, analytics and mobility etc. to become truly connected digital enterprise.
  • Better collaboration, improved efficiencies and productivity.
  • Improved business agility, sustainability and risk management.
  • Reduced IT cost and TCO.

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