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Microsoft SharePoint consulting

WeCT empowering businesses via improved collaboration, comprehensive business insights, better information discovery and lifecycle management through SharePoint consulting.

SharePoint is an all-new way to work together. It unleashed a new way to work with others and to share your work with others, organize your projects and groups and uncover people and information. Discover answers, share the ideas or keep track of what your colleagues are working with, it makes everything possible.

Our services

We provide end-to-end Microsoft SharePoint consulting services to businesses of all sizes. Our mature team of engineers use industry known best practices to ensure our custom SharePoint applications meets your business portal requirements while allowing your people and IT resources to remain focused on your organization’s core business.

Roadmap and KM Consulting Services

  • Comprehensive Roadmap and Strategy formulation.
  • Enterprise Social Enablement and KM Frameworks.
  • Decisioning Framework and Governance framework.
  • Cloud deployment strategy.

Implementation and Deployment Services

  • End-to-end, flexible, incremental deliveries.
  • Best practices, architecture, health checks.
  • Reusable Components Repository and intranet accelerators.
  • Managed services delivery model.

Transformation Services

  • Comprehensive suite of migration tools and offerings: File Shares, Lotus Notes, Vignette, Web Content and Documentum.
  • Proven migration methodology.
  • Early Insights: SharePoint product futures.

The advantage

A robust strategy, effective administration and enterprise transformation are critical for a triumphant SharePoint rollout. WeCT services and offerings on SharePoint are designed to address these critical success factors. We offer you the following advantages:

  • Proven experience across diverse global engagements.
  • Customer centric development with guaranteed on-time delivery.
  • Proven KM frameworks and methodologies.
  • Enterprise level deployment and managed service models.
  • Comprehensive suites of intranet, governance and migration accelerators.
  • Cost-effective pricing. Reduce 70% cost – ensure 100% quality.
  • Microsoft certified experts and competencies.

Business value

  • Better collaboration and information management.
  • Rapid business adoption and transformation.
  • Reinforce industry best practices.
  • Incorporate KM and Enterprise Social principles.
  • Faster time to market.
  • Robust governance.

Next step

Improve your business performance. Streamline your business processes and operations to optimise costs and gear towards agility. Let the power of SharePoint work for your business. Get in touch with us today.

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