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Robust enterprise security

Security threats are varied and constant. WeCT enterprise security services ensures you get best proactive defence and 100% peace of mind.

Today, for business enterprise and individuals, computers and IT infrastructure have transformed into critical business system that we cannot function without. But unfortunately, with the advance in computer technology there is growth in cyber threats as well.

Cybercriminals continue to strengthen and evolve the techniques and tools they use to assault bank details, privacy, mobile devices, and organizations critical data. WeCT can assist you in defining your enterprise securiy and compliance needs, recommend best practices and delivers customized managed and hosed security services.

  • Constant threats


    A virus can destroy your business in minutes. Hackers, viruses and worms are constantly on the lookout for computers with security vulnerabilities connected to the Internet. Unfortunately, due to a lack of knowledge, budgetary constraints, or sheer laziness, many of us don’t protect our IT assets and data.

    Research show an increase in or the introduction of these threats that target consumers, government offices, private and public enterprises:

    • Mobile worms that infect devices with Near-field Communications (NFC) capabilities, allowing criminals to access to the victims’ bank and credit card accounts.
    • Ransomware “kits” that allow criminals without programming skills to hold a PC or smartphone hostage and extort payments from victims.
    • Malware that blocks security updates to mobile devices, making it more difficult to remove virus or prevent another malware infection.
    • Rapid development of ways to attack Windows O/s and HTML based applications.
    • Large-scale attacks that attempt to destroy infrastructure, rather than make money, e.g. Stuxnet.
    • The “snowshoe” spamming, resulting in more unwelcome messages in your inbox.
    • SMS spam sent from infected smartphones, increasing the possibility that victim may have their account closed by their wireless provider.
    • Hacking as a Service, where anonymous sellers and buyers in underground forums exchange malware kits and development services for money.
    • Citadel Trojan, enabling more targeted attacks with potentially bigger financial gain. Malware that renews a connection even after abotnet has been taken down, resulting in infection to grow again.
    • Nation-states, Small Business, Mid-sized Businesses, Large Business Corporates and armies are more frequent sources and victims of cyberthreats.

    WeCTs’ integrated Security services and solutions can help you enhance enterprise security readiness. We can help you minimize risk, ensure compliance and proactively protect critical enterprise information assets agains emerging threats. We enable you to develop agile information security and compliance programs to cope with changing enterprise and IT risks and ensure business transformation.

  • Our Philosophy


    WeCT philosophy is to be a preferred security partner to it’s clients and help them implement comprehensive security solution in complex enterprise environments. Over the years we have built a team of security consultants enabling you with customised and robust security solutions. Our customers benefit from engagements covering end-to-end risk management strategy, reducing operational costs and improving efficiency.

Services offered

Achieving and maintaining computer security is a process not an event. WeCT has collaborated and Partnered with industry leaders for providing you the best Security Services and Solutions. We help our clients of all sizes to secure their IT infrastructure and critical data.

An intelligent, agile, secure infrastructure helps enterprises anticipate and react to market changes quickly and stay ahead. It is the enabling foundation of a digital enterprise. Our integrated enterprise risk and security solutions leverage a Global Delivery Model and are customized for multiple industries. WeCT help businesses develop agile information security and compliance programs to cope with changing business and IT threats.

WeCT offers end-to-end enterprise security and risk management solutions and services which includes:

The advantage

WeCT provide holistic approach that combines a sound security strategy and the best technology, tightly aligned with the governance, risk and compliance. Partnering with WeCT will enable you with access to the following:

  • Best-in-class solutions
  • Certified and highly experienced dedicated security professionals
  • Industry-specific insights, best practices and in-depth domain knowledge
  • Strong alliances with leading security vendors

Our security solutions and services are designed to mitigate internal and external threats for your current and evolving business processes as well as your enterprise IT infrastructure, ensuring proactive security for all aspects of business.

Business value

Business value Our Enterprise Risk and Security Services enable you embrace new technologies, meet regulatory compliance, and mitigate cyber threats while demonstrating business value by:

  • Enhanced security processes
  • Identify and address visible and invisible threats
  • Reduce risks, cost and complexity
  • Improve productivity and customer trust
  • Protect business information, data, IP and apps from theft and manipulation
  • Achieve compliance target

Next step

Proactively protect critical business information. WeCT can help you develop and implement an effective, proactive security approach that aligns with your business goals.

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