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Cloud migration – enabling transformation

WeCT cloud migration and implementation services empowering innovation, agility and efficiency across enterprise enabling business transformation.

At WeCT, we are committed to provide our customers with the best in class solutions and out-of-the-world services. With years of experience, and most importantly listening to the needs of our global clients, we are ideally positioned to assist you regardless of the technology platform or business requirement. WeCT cloud migration and implementation service can help ensure a successful deployment – whether you require a private cloud, use public cloud or develop a hybrid of both – enabling you transform your business.

End-to-end services

WeCT’s cloud migration and implementation services include the creation and enablement of enterprise private and hybrid clouds, IaaS & PaaS development, designing SaaS enabled services and moving to public clouds such as Google, Microsoft and Amazon.

WeCT helps clients across all the stages in a service lifecycle, which starts with the consolidation and standardization of the enterprise infrastructure environment, re-engineering or re-architecture of business applications and virtualization services leading to the creation of private clouds.

We have tools including frameworks, processes, and expertise to deliver system integration services, which help businesses migrate to, and adopt cloud technologies. WeCT cloud migration and implememntation services include:

  • Cloud Consulting and Assessment
  • Migration Strategy
  • Impact Analysis
  • Applications Re-factoring
  • Application Designing and Development
  • Application Packaging & Deployment
  • Application & Infrastructure Enablement
  • Application Testing
  • Switch-over to cloud
  • Cloud Management & Operations

Why choose WeCT as your cloud migration & implementation partner?

Quite simply: because WeCT care.

Today businesses are increasingly looking at Computer Technology companies to use their technical skills, expertise, and speed-to-market, geographic coverage and spares resource. WeCT takes great pride in assisting its global customers transform their businesses. We go to great lengths by providing end-to-end IT Solutions and services you would come to expect from IT partner. WeCT provides everything from technical advice and world-class solutions to dedicated project managers to fulfill your enterprise IT needs.

We work closely with our customers to fully understand their requirements and what they want to achieve. Due to our responsive and flexible approach we are able to pinpoint to the unique needs of our customers and design a custom Cloud solution quickly and efficiently. Building long-term relationships with you is vital to us. We utilize our vast technical skills, knowledge, collaboration and expertise that help us offer you the out of world cloud solutions and services.

Good folks make IT Possible.

      • Pre-sales: WeCT do not engage in pushy sales. Here at WeCT, we like to have a detailed conversation about your unique business needs, and develop or deploy the right solution.
      • Custom Solutions: Our experts take the opportunity to understand you unique business needs to engineer custom end to end solution.
      • After-sales Support: Our expert engineers and certified support staff is available to help you anywhere-anytime.
      • Secure: We in association with industry world leaders bring you cloud solutions and services with military grade security, offering you 100% peace of mind.
      • Expertise: Expert technical skills including Microsoft technologies,, IBM SmartCloud, Dell, Cisco, and many others.
      • Proactive: Our staff is proactive in detecting and managing potential errors or threats early, to ensure your business keep running smoothly.
      • Trusted: Our experts deliver honest and reliable service to you for your strategic IT decisions and business transformation.
      • Pedigree: WeCT partner with the world’s leading providers of cloud, technology, platforms and software to ensure you get superior IT solutions and out of the world services.
      • Proudly American: WeCT is truly an American born global IT Company. We are proud to be made in USA.

Business value

Integrating cloud and high-end IT services, as well as developing custom IT solutions and continuous learning has enabled us to engineer even the most complex and highly usable IT and cloud-based systems. This helps us to create close relationships with our valued clients all around the world. WeCT is proud to say that 75% of our clients retain us for their IT service needs.

In the process of migrating to the cloud, WeCT ensure agility, optimal performance, enterprise security, mitigate risk, and minimize costs for its clients. Our cloud migration services includes test management, performance analysis and benchmarking, application and data migration.

  • Translate your enterprise business and technical requirements into a tailored cloud strategy.
  • Delivers a more agile and cost-effective unified cloud solutions.
  • Robust enterprise collaboration with more security.
  • Leverages WeCT’s capabilities to efficiently design and deploy an optimized private and Hybrid cloud solution.
  • Successfully integrate new cloud solution into your current IT environment.

Next step

Set the stage for success. After years of service to various businesses, our determination to bring the latest IT solutions and top-notch services to you is as strong as ever. WeCT’s cutting edge sustained innovation and our bespoke cloud computing technology services are unlike any other and demonstrate our commitment to bring you the best services and help your business transform.

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