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Is your business struggling with critical decisions due to the absence of timely information?

Business Intelligence Consulting

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Business Intelligence Consulting

Business Intelligence (BI) facilitates businesses to take informed decisions and perform management by “facts”. It help track, predict, analyze and present information as it connects to business performance. Our BI team can provide the tools your business needs to translate data into the actionable information and discover hidden trends. Our consultants you can help you in your quest for business transformation and excellence with a BI-guided roadmap.

We are leading Business Intelligence Consulting company providing a wide array of services. Our team specializes in all aspects of BI from Big Data, Analytics, Reporting, and Performance Scorecards.

Business challenges today

In today’s always-on, hyper-connected world, new business models and competitors emerge almost everyday. To thrive in such competitive environment, you need to understand your customers better than anyone else-so you can delight your customers better than anyone else.

The absence of inescapable business intelligent (BI) systems leads to the following:

  • High business risks

  • Drop in performance

  • Operational inefficiency

  • Relationship deflection

Our business intelligence consulting team ensure high performance by leveraging technology, analytics, and processes to delivers the business insight your business need to drive growth.

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Business Intelligence Consulting Services

WeCT business intelligence consulting services are based on the “Into the future – step-by-step” philosophy, which enable businesses to extract wisdom and knowledge from unprocessed information to establish a rich, effective and reliable business framework, thereby empowering organizations to take timely smart and intelligent decisions.

  • Operational intelligence: enable effective management, sensing, monitoring and analysis of your business.
  • Business performance management (BPM): Take informed critical decisions in business-as-usual; manage risk and opportunities effectively.
  • Compliance/Risk: monitor governing compliance and risk across various divisions and geographies.
  • Threat/fraud detection: predict, reduce or mitigate potentially destructive results.
  • Customer Analytics: manage customer and prospects through the entire lifecycle by leveraging quality information.
  • Workforce productivity: monitor and measure workforce effectiveness and utilization to improve productivity.

Key capabilities we offer

We can help you select, optimize and deploy an array of pre-built as well as custom analytics and reporting tools to help you better understand your customers, industry and market opportunities.


The advantage

WeCT can deliver globally with high knowledge, expertise, and depth of resources. We bring together the experience, applications, infrastructure, managed services, partners and research to solve the most complex and critical information intensive issues for you.

Our proven Business Intelligence Consulting can help you leverage your big data and adapt faster to changing market conditions, listen to your customers better and improve profitability by exploiting the available resources optimally.

With WeCT, you will achieve the following:

  • Effortlessly deploy packaged BI solutions and end-to-end services for rapid implementation.
  • Customized services and solutions to accurately match your business needs.
  • New ideas with innovative solutions and services to deliver persistent Business Intelligence.
  • Ensured value from reliable, sustainable, predictable and repeatable business solutions and best of the world services.

Business value

The WeCT Business Intelligence consulting ensures the following benefits:

  • Strategic direction
  • Helps drive innovation and reduce latency in data
  • Alignment of the complex business processes to address ever changing market conditions
  • Benchmarked, baselined and measured business performance Managed and monitored activities in the real time
  • Discovery and management of knowledge for prediction of performance with a high degree of assurance.

Next step

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