Big Data Analytics

Big data analytics for better decisions

Gain competitive advantage with WeCT’s big data analytics service and solutions. Let our experts help you define and deliver your enterprise big data strategy.

Imagine being able to analyze and process the huge amount of data to determine the root cause of disappointments. Or open new windows for product innovation by unearthing new insights. Or discover fraudulent behavior before it upsets revenue.

Implementing the right solutions to benefit most from your big data – from management to data analytics – can be crucial to your business success. Leverage the power of the data you accrue to your advantage with WeCT’s end-to-end big data analytics service and solutions.

Our capabilities

Our key platform capabilities include:

  • Stream Computing: Facilitate continuous analysis of enormous volumes of streaming data in near-real time or real time with sub-millisecond response times.
  • Hadoop-based analytics: Analyse and process any data type across server clusters. Data Warehousing: Delivers deep-insight with advanced in-database analytics.

Supporting services

  • Application Development: Simplified process of engineering big data applications.
  • Accelerators: Faster time to value and market with industry-specific content and pre-packaged analytical.
  • Systems Management: Monitor and administer your big data system for secure and improved performance.
  • Information Integration and Governance: Integrate, govern, protect, cleanse and deliver your trusted information.
  • Reference Architectures: Networking, hardware and system software blueprints to accelerate time to value.

WeCT brings you the platform that mixes traditional technologies that are well suited for repeatable, structured tasks together with harmonising new generation technologies that address flexibility, speed and are ideal for adhoc data discovery, exploration and unstructured analysis.

Analytic Applications

  • Predictive Analytics: Unearth hidden designs and relationships in Hadoop data, which helps you to accurately predict business outcomes.
  • Business Intelligence (BI): Facilitate business enterprises to access and analyse the information they need to gain better insight, improve decision-making and manage performance.

Our Big Data services include pre-built solutions and solution accelerators for numerous use cases across a wide array of industries. We bring you the solutions that are built using established components of the Big Data ecosystem, facilitating an easier integration with your existing big data investments and quicker time-to-market.

Big data offerings

Data has become pervasive with the exponential growth of digital Big Data Offering technologies. Managing and processing this expanding volume of data every day is the latest challenge for organisations wanting to exploit it for business value.

Big Data is something more than its huge size; it opens a new window of opportunities to find new, undiscovered and valuable insights from countless data sources, generating data at variable speeds and types.

Data-driven predictability will be the foundation for the new competitive advantage, where predictability becomes the driver for costs and revenue. WeCT’s Enterprise Information Management practice has developed a robust set of big data service offerings to cater our customer needs.

WeCT helps you with the following:

  • Big Data Management
  • Big Data Technology Strategy Definition
  • Big Data Infrastructure Set-up and Management
  • Big Data Application Engineering and Maintenance
  • Big Data Analytics Strategy Definition
  • Use-case Identification – Big Data Business
  • Use-case Identification – Big Data Technology
  • Big Data Analytics
  • Big Data Analytics Framework / Models: Development and Enhancement

Our urge to provide you with the best and out of the world Big Data solutions and services, which can help you transform your business, is achieved through our intensive study, and our association with various product vendors and industry leaders. WeCT offer full life-cycle of Big Data services using Analyse, Develop and Operate Model.

The advantage

  • Experience and expertise gained while working with many leading business enterprises.
  • A dedicated Big Data team, with a large pool of Big Data specialists (computer scientists, data scientists and engineers) with delivery centres across USA and India.
  • In-house Big Data connectors and solution accelerators.
  • A convergence of traditional and next-generation analytics capabilities.
  • Strong Big Data associations with product merchants and industry leaders.
  • Strong support service portfolio.
  • WeCT’s unique model for Big Data services helps you to pick the best way to adopt Big Data.

Business value

  • Discover new insights for faster, better decision making.
  • Accelerate innovation.
  • Get a better grip on competition.
  • Achieve higher productivity.
  • Improve customer satisfaction.
  • Helps cost reduction.
  • Business Transformation.

Next step

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