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Leverage technology to take your business success to a whole new level. Experience certainty with WeCT salesforce consulting services.

Salesforce is a cloud platform that grows with your business. Dynamic, agile and innovative, once build; deployed often for years across sales, service, and marketing. As salesforce partner and leading end-to-end provider, WeCT draws from unparalleled global resources with a track record of numerous successful engagements.

The partnership: Salesforce and WeCT

WeCT has formed a strategic partnership with Salesforce to deliver cloud-based CRM and cloud platform solutions to its customers. By partnering with Salesforce, WeCT obtains access to expertise including training resources and insights direct from Salesforce. This will ensure that our mutual client’s get the out of this world solutions and best user experience.

Through this partnership, WeCT is well positioned to offer salesforce consulting, custom app development and implementation services to its customers, while leveraging on its experts and Salesforce certified consultants. Salesforce technologies have further expanded our strength as a cloud solutions provider.

WeCT’s main focus will be to help its customer’s transition to the Salesforce CRM platform. Leveraging the Salesforce technology, WeCT is working with the clients to develop their CRM strategies and roadmaps focused on the following:

  • Implementing Salesforce CRM and Enablement of social enterprise.
  • Leveraging on Chatter Communities for higher productivity and better collaboration.
  • Integration of Salesforce and Chatter with Microsoft SharePoint.
  • Branded – user experience customized apps and portals.
  • custom application development.
  • Migrations from CRM platforms such as InterAction and Siebel.
  • Custom Mobile App development, eg. sales and service enablement.
  • Customer experience strategy.
  • Organisational alignment and change management.

Working with Salesforce, WeCT is enabling clients to expand their businesses with world’s No.1 CRM platform that permits them to scale automatically with business growth and move beyond the limitations of traditional account and contact management.

We at WeCT believe that CRM is about building equally beneficial relationships between companies, customers, vendors, and employees that lets everyone in the enterprise ecosystem to collaborate through multiple channels. We are excited to bring you as a strategic partner in this ongoing endeavour.

See what more than 100,000+ customers have already discovered: WeCT innovation and delivers results. It’s the most complete CRM in the industry – dovetailing sales with marketing and customer service to keep you on top of every lead, every deal, and every customer.

Nothing falls through the cracks with Salesforce CRM and WeCT innovative services. And thanks to the low-cost, cloud-computing model, you can say good-bye to complexity. There’s no software or hardware to install, and you don’t have to wait weeks or months to get going. With the power of WeCT and Salesforce you’re up and running, and seeing a positive impact on your business, in a fraction of the time.

The offerings

WeCT’ core offering portfolio brings industry-specific, cost-effective, easy-to-deploy end-to-end solutions. WeCT helps clients throughout the entire solution lifecycle, from determining roadmap and optimal strategy, through implementation and support.

Services offered are:

Business value

  • Cost saving, easily integrate with your existing enterprise IT infrastructure.
  • Our balanced on-shore / off-shore delivery model, Competency Center and Innovation Lab evolve with the industry, helping IT aligned to the needs of your business.
  • With mature knowledge and access to salesforce partner resources, we are aligned to your enterprise strategy and deployed to meet all the timelines and objectives.
  • WeCT offer iterative, phased and thoughtful approach to migration through measurable solutions that are tested & tweaked, go to market quickly and then proven to ensure a smooth roll-out.

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