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Leverage on WeCT’ virtualization services for better productivity, higher availability, and less expenditures.

Virtualization refers to the various methods, approaches or techniques of creating a virtual version of something, such as a virtual hardware platform, virtual operating system (OS), virtual network resources or virtual storage device.

The concept of Virtualization tackles IT’s challenge to bring down infrastructure and maintenance cost which eat upto 70% of IT budget leavening little or no resources for business innovation.

Virtualization services offered

Today, growth demands agility. You need to adjust to new challenges from your customers, competition and other forces. WeCT offers a range of virtualization services and applications designed to help businesses be more flexible and respond to changes in a more effective way.

# Server and storage consolidation solutions

With the advancement in portfolio and workload you need to keep adding servers and storage infrastructure for each new workload which is not possible all the time due to high budget problem.

With virtualization, you can reduce the number of servers, desktop, network devices and storage, to decrease complication and make IT management easier. It also save on floor space in your data center and reduces electricity usage, which is required to power and cool these systems.

# Desktop Virtualization

WeCT enables you to deliver secure virtual desktops as a managed service for remote and branch office employees. We bring you world-class virtual desktop solutions, which help you by simplifying IT management, increase business flexibility and reduce your IT costs.

# Virtualization management solutions

Virtualization is an important step toward a cloud-based infrastructure and helps you get the most out of your IT investments. But with the increases in the number of virtual servers and storage systems, your IT department may find itself engaged with different IT hitches and problems.

WeCT virtualization management solutions help you put all of your management, provisioning and diagnostic tools on a single dashboard so your IT staff can concentrate on business issues instead of IT glitches and issues.

# Data center automation solutions

With the advancement in technologies and industry innovations the market, products and customer taste or demand change, your business needs to adapt with them. Which means today you need a flexible IT system or infrastructure.

With virtualization, your highest priority business needs can be assigned resources in no time. To make systems even more responsive WeCT data center automation solutions and services help your IT systems answer automatically to changing business requirements keeping in view the best practices and business rules.

# Optimised cloud delivery solutions

You need your business priorities to drive your IT system and infrastructure, fast-tracking release of high-value assignments to meet the ever-changing demands of clients. You need your staff to be able to self-provision IT resources as suitable.

You need to deliver outstanding computing power whenever and wherever it’s required. WeCT optimised cloud delivery service and solutions help ensure that resources are supplied in the most efficiently and in time.

# Security for Virtualized Environment

Optimised gateway services and integrated firewall protect the network edge. WeCT provide an open architecture, which lets you incorporate your current security investments and the state-of-the-art third-party innovations.

Security can also be provided as an effective, software-defined service – decoupled from physical devices, combined, and applied accurately where needed without hardware upgrades.

The advantage

Virtualization is the most effective way to reduce IT expenses while enhancing efficiency and agility for businesses of all sizes. It’s vital to choose vendor sensibly to achieve maximum efficiency, agility, scalability, ROI, and the highest reductions in enterprise IT complexity and overhead.

We bring you the most comprehensive and mature technologies with built-in high availability for all your applications ensuring no downtime or data loss. We guarantee you get unmatched security, reliability, agility, quick-n-easy installation and world-class datacenter capabilities with industry’s lowest total cost of ownership (TCO).

WeCT brings you:

WeCT virtualization services will help you:

  • Run multiple o/s and apps on a single computer
  • Combine hardware to get much higher productivity from fewer servers
  • Prompt, easy and streamline IT management, maintenance, and new application deployment.
  • Enable Cloud and BYOD
  • Reduce overall IT costs by 50% or more.

WeCT virtualization solutions and services are built with industry standards and integration in mind. With WeCT you can be sure you are getting the best virtualization services and solutions, highest ROI and lowest TCO for your virtualized system.

Business value

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