Technology Expertise

Proven technology expertise delivering  mature IT services & solutions

WeCT technology expertise bring what’s next in technology to reality, developing sustainable applications that are on the forefront of technology and transforming the way you do business.

We are passionate about your growth. Each client has different challenges and different needs. We strongly believe in the power of brainstorming and in-depth analysis to provide you out-of-box innovative solutions. We get to the core of who you are, challenging you to think bigger and explore new ideas.

We examine all the areas of your business, determining how technology solutions can help you to stand out of competition and extend your brand. Next, we take your imagination to reality by translating information gathered into an out-of-the-world IT solution that reflects who you are and where you want to go.

Delivering innovation

Figuring out which solution is right for you is based on expertise and experience. We execute this thinking with a unique process refined over a period of time to deliver the best possible results.

In addition, our technology expertise enables us to envision improved information delivery mechanisms, innovative interface, and unique cross platform, tailored business solutions that will improve your organizational efficiencies and help you attain your business goals.

We employ world-class programmers who are fluent in the latest tools, technologies and languages to deliver an optimized and tailored IT solution. WeCT has a team of experienced consultants and software engineers who have a wealth of expertise in the latest technologies.

Pushing limits

Business opportunities today have become indivisibly linked with advances in computer and information technologies. But here at WeCT we don’t expend effort to merely give you what’s best for you and your business today; we set our focus on what that endeavour can grow into tomorrow and beyond. Strengthening your business and improving the way we live. We’re about being bold with our ideas. We push our limits to what is currently possible and execute ideas to perfection.

WeCT’s specialised application engineering expertise allows us to tackle even the most challenging projects. We match unique engineering talent with the essential project management oversight and deep technology resources to deliver the most complex solutions in product development.

Our development process ensures that your goals and expectations are met with a combination of best-of-breed custom, off-the-shelf, and proprietary technologies that together provide an innovative solution to your current and future business challenges.

We write clean, lean, standards-compliant codes. Most importantly, we have ideas and solutions you haven’t yet considered. Our process is simple yet customised for each client.

Technology expertise and beyond

Our software developers are experts in most of the common programming languages (for example C/C++, Java, ASP.NET, LUNIX, PHP) and many of the less widely used ones. We also have in depth knowledge of database programming, network programming and parallel programming technologies (for example MPI and OpenMP).

Our developers are equally at home in Windows and Unix/Linux environments. We also do mobile apps with ease ranging from Android, BlackBerry to Apple. For enterprises that need to make sense out of their Big Data, but may not know where to start, WeCT provides Big Data Expertise, Solutions, Services and Training to solve their Business Intelligence and Big Data challenges.

By integrating different cultures into our company, using our strategic global network and working with local communities, we continually identify new ideas and convert them into IT concepts and solutions. Our business has been developed using extensive research focused to meet the needs of our clients only.

Strict quality management processes ensure our solutions meet the highest of stringent quality standards. We believe in developing close partnerships with our customers by creating working relationships based on integrity and trust, which can add real value.

We provide strategic guidance and advice to our clients when creating new products or developing new markets. The support offered by our technical teams enable fast implementation on new initiatives ensuring our customers are best placed to adapt to ever changing business IT needs.

Next step

WeCT can help you do business better by leveraging industry-wide experience, mature technology expertise, comprehensive service portfolio and vertically aligned business model. Talk to us today and let us show you how technology can help you transform your business.

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