Sustainability at our core

Sustainability has always been an integral part of WeCT’ business philosophy.

Sustainability is at the core of WeCT business philosophy. It is the underlying and all-embracing aspect of business decisions that we have made till date. Our core business values, effective governance and strong risk management framework adds to our sustainability agenda.

Also, we are committed to help organisations position sustainability as a key lever to high performance and long-term success. We help our clients leverage their capabilities and assets to drive innovation and higher growth while striving for a positive environmental, social and economic impact.

The strategy

Our strategy forms the basis of running our business responsibly and successfully. WeCT efforts are propelled by the knowledge that we together with our clients must cultivate the assets that are essential to meet the challenges of the future. We continually challenge ourselves to apply our passion for innovation, enterprising spirit and can-do-&-will-do attitude to make a positive difference in the society and environment.

Our  efforts focus:

  • Reducing the environmental impact of our operations.
  • Business with integrity – clearly defined and articulated code of business conduct including good governance to achieve the highest levels of transparency and propriety.
  • Providing a safe workplace while promoting professional development.
  • Contribute to the local communities we operate in.
  • Preserve and enhance biodiversity.
  • Delivering superior service and substantial business advantages to our clients.

Our sustainability-program pillars – social contract, sustainable operations, resource intensity, corporate social responsibility and green innovation.

Next step

Sustainability is an integral part of WeCT business. We have a formal policy on the topic and corporate responsibility, as well as rigorous business code of conduct. These ensure that our priorities are clear, concrete and unmistakable to our staff, clients, associates, investors and other stakeholders. To learn more about our efforts and know how we can help your business transform – contact us today.

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