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WeCT as Dell Partner is equipped to offer industry-leading technologies addressing to some of the most complex business problems.

Michael Dell founded Dell in 1984 with a clear and simple concept, to assemble computers and sell directly to the end user. This was a pretty smart move, which would bring down the prices. Another key to Dell’s evolution has been its ability to adapt quickly to the ever-changing needs of computer market.

Today, although Dell is an established world leader in supply of computer hardware and services, it could not reach many customers through its direct sell model. To rectify this Dell has to change it’s key principle of Direct Sales, with the introduction of Dell Partners.

WeCT and Dell

Dell is one of the world’s leading computer systems providers. Dell is widely recognized name when it comes to desktop / laptop, servers, networking solutions, cloud computing, virtualization, endpoint security and storage solutions.

WeCT chose to partner with Dell to offer you the comprehensive computer hardware solutions which includes desktops, laptops, network, virtualization, storage, endpoint security, servers, cloud services etc. designed to lower the environmental impact of datacenter and IT infrastructure through low power usage.

As part of its solution portfolio, WeCT works closely in partnership with Dell to design standards-based high performance and productivity computing (HPC) solutions to satisfy the broad range of customer requirements for distributed and intensive computing environments.

As a Registered Dell Partner specializing in enterprise architecture, WeCT gains additional expertise in key enterprise products and solutions, including servers, storage, virtualization, computing flexibility and energy efficiency.

Dell enterprise products are one of the leading computer devices available in the market today which offers fantastic performance and value and, coupled with WeCT’s expert knowledge and exemplary installation and support backup, our customers are guaranteed to get the most out of their IT budget.

As Dell Partner WeCT gain in depth knowledge of the latest Dell solutions and therefore offer customers the most accurate and up to date information, and thus, the best Dell solution for them.

By combining Dell’s industry-leading hardware and software offerings with WeCT’s mature services, we ensure our client’s high level of availability, flexibility and performance at the minimum possible cost.

The committed duo

We have learned from our clients, that the global workforce in a global economy has changed how enterprises work.

Dell is increasingly focused on building solutions that help customers innovate, regain efficiency and meet their business goals. This is in direct alignment of WeCT’s mission to help businesses transform keeping up with sustainability and agility.

We believe together with Dell we have a significant advantage over our competition in delivering most consistent, innovative and cost-effective solutions and services to even the world’s largest IT users.

Together WeCT and Dell design, assemble, deploy, install, support and service a number of innovative and integrated H/W (hardware) and S/W (software) solutions.

Whether it’s designing new enterprise IT infrastructure or edge connectivity via a wired or wireless connection or deployment of virtualized data center and cloud applications, the combined strength of Dell and WeCT delivers significant benefits across all industries and sectors.

If you are looking to buy a new PC, desktop, laptop or even a new server then test drive us for a quote as we can save you around 15% to 40% compared to buying from other supplyer.

Next step

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