Partners and Alliances

Our Partners and Alliances

  • WeCT - Partners - Microsoft

  • WeCT - Partners - Dell

  • WeCT - Partners - IBM

  • WeCT - Partners - Amazon Web Services

  • WeCT - Partners - Shopify

  • WeCT - Partners - Cisco

We extend our business and technology capabilities through a powerful partner network of innovators and industry leaders to provide our clients the finest skills and custom solutions. Our ecosystem of strategic partners, global alliances and shared resources creates business value, reduces implementation risk and accelerates go-to-market.

Our partner network enables us to offer comprehensive agile solutions to your business and IT challenges. We work with our partner ecosystem to boost your growth, expand markets and facilitate sales process while enhancing our product and service offerings.

Both WeCT and the alliance partners share common commitment to deliver business solutions that address our clients’ enterprise technology and business problems. We offer agile custom applications to cater to client’s specific needs. We develop tools and methods to fast track the successful deployment of business applications while reducing risk.

In line with our strategy of transparency and corporate governance, we do not solicit or accept marketing assistance or influence fees from any of our partners. Our ecosystem focuses on joint investment in business applications, tools, and training.

We form strategic partnerships and alliances with industry leaders and innovators to expand our service offerings and deliver agile solutions to clients.

Winning with business alliances

At WeCT, strategic partners and alliances are one of the core pillars that help our customers transform. We have a 360 relationship with our partners. As a partner, vendor and a customer, our approach is aimed at bringing unparalleled business value to clients.

The WeCT partner ecosystem helps create unique winning relationships that offer mutual growth opportunities, joint value driven by leadership, collaboration and executive commitment around future technologies.

Both WeCT and the partner network value integrity, technology over traditional methods and put client’s success above all else.

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