Our Strength

We hold our strength in providing mature strategic consulting and on-demand professional IT services which enables us to deliver innovative business solutions – to even most challenging projects.

Our Strength

Our strength – Custom services

We offer a wide range of IT services to our clients. Whether it is a graphic or interface layout or a business application, we don’t devise cookie-cutter solutions. Our solutions are well thought out, strategically designed, and as unique as our clients themselves.

Whether you are a manufacturing company looking to build intimacy with your customers. Or an institution thinking of an e-learning solution. Or an organization interested in being able to deliver services anytime anywhere. WeCT can devise the right strategy, build an effective and money making solution, and deploy it for you. Our flexible end-to-end technology offerings and Total Customer Care sets us apart from every other e-business solution provider.

A professional approach to all projects with personalized services is what contributes to our success. To us it is not important to have a large clientele but it is definitely important to have happy customers.

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What makes us different?

WeCT provides the insight, expertise and support that will help drive your business forward. When you work with WeCT you can count on partnership, expertise and results. Your long-term success is our strength and motivation. WeCT can offer you the ability to overcome every challenges and the flexibility to capitalise on every opportunity.

This is our promise to every client:

  • Being reliable and to provide guaranteed “on time and on budget” business solutions and services. We help you set the exact goals from the beginning and then pre-plan, ramp up, revise and adapt as may be required to meet your budgetary and time-to-market deadline requirements.
  • We strongly believe that the finest solutions come from collaborative relationships with clients. At WeCT, your needs are our uttermost priority. We work with you through the complete engagement life cycle. Starting from negotiation to custom solution design to deployment and delivery. We make our top people available for your projects and also we leverage on our partnerships with various industry leaders, academic and technology leaders globally to bring you industry-leading solutions.
  • Our consultants and engineers are well experienced and have a deep understanding of international and local dynamics across various industries, so we can assist you think ahead and have competitive advantage as you grow your business globally. We deliver agile, unified processes, integrated systems and solutions that will help your organisation run leaner and smarter as it grow.
  • Our custom solutions provide better control and visibility across all areas of your business enterprises which empowers you with more operational efficiency, reduce risk, improve profit margins, and achieve long-term success. We introduce standardisation, governance, predictability and certainty into your processes, giving you the assurance to not just run your business enterprise, but to transform it.

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